Vocal Rehabilitation


Alison has been working alongside the ENT Consultant Surgeon and Speech and Language Therapist at Cheltenham General Hospital’s Voice Clinic since 1997, and is now an active member of the voice clinic team as a Voice and Singing Rehabilitation Coach.
The clinic is held once a month, and Alison receives referrals of singers from the consultant, mostly when surgery is not required but therapy from a specialist singing coach is prescribed. She also helps some patients post-operatively, establishing strategies to aid recovery and to encourage their on-going vocal health.
Her clients include classical and choral singers, as well as musical theatre, rock and pop performers. She has successfully helped singers with general voice strain, soft vocal nodules, posterior glottal gap and paralysis of a vocal fold. She also works with professional voice users e.g. teachers, clergymen, lecturers, who need greater vocal projection for their work. Over twenty years of Yoga study and practise has greatly informed her rehabilitation work, especially when conveying the finer points of breathing and posture. 
Alison remains very interested in vocal anatomy and physiology, and this understanding also helps to inform her general teaching practice.  She strongly believes in using rehabilitation techniques as a preventative measure aimed, where possible, at eradicating the need for medical intervention.


Case Studies

Frances Yiend ARCM LRSM

"Three years ago I lost my voice and was eventually diagnosed with a paralysed vocal fold. As a performer and teacher I was devastated, but I was very lucky in meeting Alison at the Voice Clinic, who the ENT Consultant referred me to for vocal rehabilitation. Her extensive knowledge of vocal mechanics, genuine concern which she showed in my problem and her constant support and encouragement enabled me to sing again – at my son's wedding last year."

Voice Clinic patient - Cheltenham General Hospital

"Following a thyroidectomy, I was diagnosed as suffering from bilateral vocal fold palsy and understood that my breathing and speech would not return to what they had formerly been.  Alison explained what I would need to do to relearn how to breathe and speak again naturally.  She helped me to believe that this could be achieved and the exercises she prescribed for me have proved to be successful.  I am most grateful to her."


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