Singing Teacher


My aim as a singing teacher is to help singers of intermediate and advanced level to understand more about how their voices work, and to create an environment in which an appreciation of the demands and rewards of performing can be explored.


Under the conditions of constructive and supportive teaching, a pupil can make positive strides forward. Whether preparing for a concert, an examination, music college entrance or auditioning for a choir or theatrical production, both technique and interpretation need to be addressed. The important thing is that these two things are inextricably linked and should complement each other. In order to be able to access freedom for self expression and effective communication, a singer has to be technically secure.
Sessions are recorded on to a CD, with high quality equipment, which enables pupils to work on their lesson at home afterwards. Clear instruction is given as to how to practise efficiently.
I am trained to teach a variety of singing styles, including classical and musical theatre repertoire, which generally requires an understanding of ‘twang’ and ‘belt’ techniques.
By encouraging the correct physical sensation and feeling of singing, I hope to help pupils to ‘own’ their voices, and as a result to unlock their full vocal and musical potential.



"Thanks for all your help and encouragement - you are truly inspirational."

Pupil comment following a successful audition.

"I almost felt as if the words and music were speaking and singing me, instead of the other way round."

Pupil comment following a concert performance.