Vocal Rehabilitation Workshops


Alison's vocal rehabilitation workshops are designed to give an insight into the techniques she employs in this type of work. They explore some of the pathologies that present most frequently in the voice clinic as well as the techniques used to ensure safe recovery. Whether  voice clinicians, singing teachers, conductors, voice coaches or amateur singers, she gives delegates practical tips to take away and use in their own practice, especially with a view to recognising and addressing voice strain before pathology occurs.

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Feedback from my Vocal Rehabilitation Workshops

'Alison Mary Sutton speaks with absolute knowledge within her field of expertise. She explained her work with passion & humility, giving credit to the team of specialists she works with. The stroboscope images she presented, along with her explanation of how she helped rehabilitate clients to regain full vocal health, were extraordinary. Her techniques were concise & easy to follow & the practical exercises we did were instantly beneficial. I will now be including these in my singing studio. I look forward to more of the same at her November workshop.'

"The Singing Rehabilitation Coach in the Voice Clinic" (June 2015)

'Fascinating, skill building, confirming good practice, confidence-building, reassuring, as singing teaching can be a lonely business!!'
'I learned something which I can work with. That's fundamental, but needed to be explained and experienced. This workshop fulfilled my needs at present.'
'I found the session to be very informative and interesting, especially as a sufferer of vocal paralysis.'
'We need a follow up day to take it further!'

"The Singing Rehabilitation Coach at Work" (Nov 2015)

What was the most useful part of the course?

Everything, videos, breathing discussing exercises.
Practical and easy applications that I can use immediately.
Clear instructions and useful breathing info and hand-outs to take away too.
Flexibility, questions and comments from others.
The exercises that were shown and demonstrated.
All of it especially the practical work. It was one of the best courses that I have ever been on.
The step by step approach outlined by Alison to help people recover/improve technical and vocal issues.
Taking part in practical demonstrations and feeling things for oneself.
There was ample opportunity to ask questions and all parts were useful.
Exercises and the approach within a lesson.
The visual aids together with clear explanations.

presented at the invitation of
Debbie Winter of voiceworkshop.co.uk

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An interview with Vocal Rehabilitation Specialist

Alison Mary Sutton by Debbie Winter