Vocal Health and Rehabilitation



Alison has recently had an extended extract of her forthcoming book, Vocal Health and Rehabilitation, published as an e-book. Details are available at  comptonpublishing.co.uk

It is entitled 'The Heart of the Breath and MTD Case Study', being the completed breathing chapter and the first of six case studies from the main book, which is due for publication at the end of 2022. 


From the publisher...

"Alison Mary Sutton is an experienced singer and singing teacher who has spent many years working as a singing rehabilitation specialist, including patient referrals from the voice clinic at Cheltenham General Hospital.

With a clearly laid out rehabilitation pathway, supported by progressive exercise routines, illuminated by audio and video clips, the MTD case study is beautifully clear and concise. It provinces a complete rehab program for the client."

Sutton Heart of the Breath Book Cover


Professor Neil Mackie, CBE.

Alison Mary Sutton has gained a wide and enviable reputation as a practitioner of vocal rehabilitation; Her excellent book is a welcome addition for pedagogues, medics, singers and students alike.

As a former Head of Vocal Studies at the Royal College of Music in London, I know Alison's outstanding work from personal experience. I recommend without reservation her hugely informative study, complemented by distinctive academic research.